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About Neohair
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About Neohair
Super Natural Hair Replacement

NEOHAIR is the best solution for its pioneer at solving baldness and thinning hair problems. NEOHAIR was first established in Surabaya, Indonesia in 1983. Jimmy Waworuntu, pioneer of NEOHAIR, successfully combining technology and art in creating a Super Natural Hair Replacement which is specifically designed to thicken, add hair volume, and fill balding or thinning areas.1

In hair Industry, Jimmy Waworuntu is recognized as one of the most highly respectful figure and has brought a revolution to Indonesia hair industry through his famous hair replacement method, a Super Natural Hair Replacement. In this industry, Jimmy Waworuntu become the first in Indonesia who created the most natural and practical method of hair replacement.

NEOHAIR has 25 years experience in baldness or thinning problems and always one step ahead: NEOHAIR has been renowned and has reached unrivalled reputation for its naturalness and superior quality. It is because NEOHAIR uses 100% human hair of the highest quality. Don't let baldness or thinning hair undermined your self confidence!

"Beauty can be obtained but confident comes out from one self.  Gain your confident with US"

-Jimmy Waworuntu-

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